DIY Succulent Garden

Recently I went and visited my friend who has the most gorgeous shop – My Little Glass Jar. She creates the most beautiful objects that all fit into a glass jar ranging from succulents, recipes and perfect gifts for everyone.


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Welcome to one of the most easiest DIY’s I have created!

I have been looking at my straw tote bag for some time now thinking it is just a bit boring and is missing some detail to it. So I though why not add some trimmings onto the bag to give it some colour and add on a layer of texture.



Rope Bowl

Welcome back to my blog! I have had a few weeks rest over the Christmas/NYE period and I am now ready to get 2018 started with more beautiful DIY’S.

I have become obsessed with the beauty of rope and how you can create so many beautiful objects out of it. So much so I have a few too many rope DIY’s bouncing around in my head, so I thought I better start creating!

Today’s blog I’m going to show you how to create your own rope bowl, perfect for holding almost everything.


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Australian Native Wreath

Christmas, its such an amazing time of the year catching up with your family and friends. The colours of Christmas are also just gorgeous especially Australian native plants and flowers. This has lead myself to create a simple native wreath featuring the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and two frosted fire Protea’s. I got these from my local florist however was hard to find at first as they are so popular!


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Shirring Crop Top

Welcome back to Camellia Designs!

Lately I have noticed that shirring has come back into fashion and brands are featuring this sewing technique into tops, skirts and dresses. Personally I have been obsessing over crop tops that feature this technique for some time now, they are just so cute and perfect for summer! So I thought why not give it a go?


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Chunky Knit Round Cushion

Chunky Knit Round Cushion, no needles required!

I have been obsessing with chunky knit pillows and blankets for quite some time now and finally decided to give it a go! I found this to be quite simple once I got the hang of hand knitting (I must say it was a lot easier than using knitting needles). I hope you enjoy this DIY post as much as I did creating it.


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DIY Beautiful Food Platter

Want to impress your guests with a beautiful food platter filled with cheese, crackers and fruits?

I love cheese platters however find that they can be a bit boring and lacking in colour, so I wanted to create a DIY on how to make the perfect platter that is Instagram worthy and delicious!


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DIY Hat and Coat Stand

I have been wanting to purchase a hat stand for some time now however didn’t want to spend the money on something I wasn’t 100% happy with. This leads me to my next DIY tutorial, how to create your own hat stand with three wooden rods, some rope and paint for decoration.


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