DIY Succulent Garden

Recently I went and visited my friend who has the most gorgeous shop – My Little Glass Jar. She creates the most beautiful objects that all fit into a glass jar ranging from succulents, recipes and perfect gifts for everyone.


Over Christmas I had received the most beautiful glass bowl from my Mum and immediately thought how perfect it would be for my own little succulent garden. Thats when My Little Glass Jar and myself decided to do a little DIY on how to make your own succulent garden.

What you need:

Glass bowl

Succulents of your choice

Potting soil

Decorative pebbles


What to do:

Place soil onto the bottom of your jar, ensuring you don’t fill it up as you will need to place the succulents in the bowl and some have long roots, so leave room for this.


Gently remove the plants from their pots and place into the bowl. You may need to  fiddle around with the soil and roots to get the desired placement.

Once you are happy with the succulents, place in some more dirt around the roots and plants. For any hard to reach places, shovel in the soil on a spoon, works a treat!


Brush away any dirt that has landed on the succulents, we used a paint brush to do this.


Gently place the white pebbles around the succulents, covering up all the dirt. You may need to get the paint brush out again to tidy up the plants.


And just like that you are done! Succulent gardens add such a beautiful feature to your home and make perfect gifts as well!




Quick tips on looking after Succulents


Your indoor succulents will need to be placed near a window to get about 5-6 hours of sunlight each day. Be careful though as you don’t want to get the succulent sunburnt, so avoid windows that get hot from the sun.


Succulents can die from too much water, I have found that I wet the soil and then let it dry out before watering again.




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