Zipper Series

ZIPPERS! you either love them or hate them… I’m hoping to change that last thought and get you to love adding zippers into all of your projects.

Once you understand the basic steps of inserting a zipper you will be able to see that they aren’t as bad as you once thought. You will find adding them into your dresses, cushions and other projects it will create a clean finish and professional finish look.


To start off you will need the following:

  • sewing machine
  • zipper foot
  • zipper
  • fabric
  • thread


Lets start the zipper series with a basic zipper

I have two pieces of fabric that I wanting to join with a zipper.

Firstly with all sewing projects it is best to finish off the seams with an overlock stitch or a zip zag if an overlocker isn’t an option.

Lay the two pieces of fabric right sides together and sew a 1.5cm seam allowance basting stitch to hold them together (this stitch will later be removed)


Press open the basting stitch with an iron


Measure out where you want the zipper to sit on your fabric. Pin face down ensuring the zipper opening is centred to the basting stitch.

Now time to sew!

First off you will need to attach your zipper foot and move the needle to the left of the zipper foot so you won’t break your needle and it allows a closer stitch. Place your fabric under neath the presser foot and line the bottom of the zipper up to your needle.


Every zipper is different so make sure you know what the size of the teeth is so you can sew next to them and not over them. After you have marked out where you are going to sew, start sewing from the bottom (reverse stitch at the start) sew along the zipper in a straight line to the top. Be careful with the zipper pull as it can be chunky and force your foot in a different direction.

You can either sew around the zipper pull if you have the room without changing the foots direction or lift the presser foot up with the needle still down and open the zipper past the presser foot and continue sewing (end the stitch with a reverse stitch). I tend to sew wide enough that I don’t need to sew around the zipper pull.

Re-align your fabric so the bottom of the zipper is now under the zipper foot with the zipper facing horizontal to yourself. You will need to change your needle to the right hand side of the zipper foot.

Begin sewing with a reverse stitch until you come to the point where you need to spin your zipper towards you. Leave in the the needle and lift the foot so you can rotate the fabric smoothly. Now begin sewing along the zipper until you come to the end and finish off with a reverse stitch.


Unpick the basting stitch and your zipper is now revealed! Complete a test run with the zipper to make sure the zipper open and closes smoothly.


I finished off my fabric with a rolled hem along the top, however this will change for yourself depending on the style and project you are completing.


And just like that you are done! I hope this blog post has encouraged yourself to be confident when inserting zippers to your projects.


Watch this space as I will be adding more to my zipper series.

Don’t forget to tag #Cameilladesigns in your creations.

Have a great day xx









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