Chunky Knit Round Cushion

Chunky Knit Round Cushion, no needles required!

I have been obsessing with chunky knit pillows and blankets for quite some time now and finally decided to give it a go! I found this to be quite simple once I got the hang of hand knitting (I must say it was a lot easier than using knitting needles). I hope you enjoy this DIY post as much as I did creating it.


What you will need

  • 500gm merino wool
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • pillow filling (optional)



  • I firstly unraveled my wool to let in air out as it was in a tight ball when I received it, this gave my wool some more volume.
  • To start we need to create our first stitch, make a loop with your yarn (leaving a small tail) insert your hand through the loop and pool the working yarn through the loop to create the first stitch.
  • Second stitch you will insert your hand pull the working yarn through the loop to create the next stitch. Continue until you have made a chain of ten stitches.


  • We will now begin to knit in a circle, connect your two ends together by grabbing the first stitch of the last row (the back stitch) and inserting your hand through to grab the working yarn and pull it through the stitch to make a small loop that is now your first stitch on the second row. Continue around the circle until you make your second row. Grab the tail and insert it into the last stitch and put inside the pillow once completed.


  • Grab your yarn and cut a piece that is roughly 40cm long. Loop the yarn around the inside stitch. When you meet up the first loop, pull gently until the circle closes its gap. when you are happy with the circle coming together you will do a double knot to close off the yarn.


  • After you have tied up the inside of the circle you can continue on with creating rows until you have 5 rows in total.


  • Flip your work over and continue stitching making 5 more rows. Whilst you are doing this, you need to make the stitches slightly closer together. This will start to create the shape of the pillow.


  • After you have made your 10 rows all up you will have a small amount of the tail left, this will be used to pull the circle together. Loop the tail through each stitch from the outside in. After you have looped all stitches gently pull on the tail until the circle closes.


  • Now that you have closed the circle you can insert the tail into the pillow.


I know this may seem like a lot of steps however after I did it for the first time I was able to make the second pillow in 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe how simple it was after I got a handle on how to hand knit!


I seriously hope you have enjoyed this blog and give the chunky knit pillow a go!

Tag #camelliadesigns so I can see your DIY project!


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