Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is a simple and easy way to keep your flowers lasting longer and capturing memories of a gift or the blooms from your garden.


What you will need

  • flowers of your choice
  • book
  • A4 paper
  • weights
  • photo frame



Gather the flowers you are wanting to press, ensure you cut the steams on an angle. It is best to the press flowers that are freshly picked to ensure lasting flowers.


Open your book and line the pages with A4 paper.


Place your flowers down and close the book, adding a weight (I used my sewing machine) on top to press the flowers. Due to my flowers only being little I only had to press them for 24 hours however you can press them for up to a week.


Gently pick up the flowers and place within your photo frame.



How cute is this DIY!? I love the idea of preserving your flowers and I can’t wait to try it when my sunflowers bloom!


I hope you have enjoyed this DIY and want to create one for yourself or as a gift.

Tag #CamelliaDesigns so I can see your creations.


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