DIY Hat and Coat Stand

I have been wanting to purchase a hat stand for some time now however didn’t want to spend the money on something I wasn’t 100% happy with. This leads me to my next DIY tutorial, how to create your own hat stand with three wooden rods, some rope and paint for decoration.



3 x wooden rods approximately 1.8m long
2m of Rope
Hot glue gun
Small can of paint – I went with a pastel yellow to suit my house
Paint brush



Measure where you want the paint to go to from the bottom of the rod. I decided to go 50cm up from the bottom.
Wrap the rod at the measurement with tape so you make a clean sharpe line. Repeat this on all three rods.

Paint the bottom of all three rods, be careful when you approach the tape as you want to keep this a sharp line.


This next part may get tricky so I got some help from my Partner, Aidan. Stand up all the rods and start to intertwine the rope around the three rods.

Now because you need some room on the rod for your hats and bags I tied the rope roughly 40cm from the top. Secure the rope with the hot glue gun once you are satisfied the rods will stand up by themselves.


Now its time to place your favourite hats and bags on the stand!



What a simple and easy way to create a hat stand! I loved making this as I have wanted to display my hats and bags for some time (Yay they are no longer sitting in my cupboard!)

Thanks for reading, I hope you are inspired to make your own hat stand as this was truly simple! Please tag me in your creations #camelliadesigns



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