DIY Beautiful Food Platter

Want to impress your guests with a beautiful food platter filled with cheese, crackers and fruits?

I love cheese platters however find that they can be a bit boring and lacking in colour, so I wanted to create a DIY on how to make the perfect platter that is Instagram worthy and delicious!


The number of ingredients is dependent on how many guests will be at the party/picnic.

Today I am catering for a couple of my good friends, so the number of ingredients is based on 4 people. If you are having more guests you can add extra cheese’s and dips to suit.


3 small cheeses – I went with a brie, camembert and cheddar
2 dips – I wanted some colourful dips so I choose capsicum and beetroot
Bag of leafy greens
Water crackers
Now for some yummy fillers, sun-dried tomatoes, sun-dried capsicum and olives, I got Β a small tub
For a meat element, I went with some shaved salami, and twiggy sticks (small handfuls)
Fruits add another colourful element to the platter, I selected strawberries, passionfruit and grapes.

Of course you can chose your own selection of foods these were just some of my favourite ingredients.


Wooden chopping board,
2 small bowls for the dips
cheese knifes


Its now time to put this platter together! The key is to make the platter full of different foods and colours that cover up the chopping board. This creates a beautiful platter that will excite your guests.






I started off by laying down some of the leafy greens and placing the cheeses on top. You may need to cut the cheeses in half if too large. I then filled my bowls with the dips and placed them on the board. I rolled up the shaved meat and placed them in a group, this allows the meats to be easily accessible.
Chop your fruits and arrange on the platter.
Now its time to fill in the gaps with all the smaller items, place small handfuls of the deli foods around the board.

By now you should be starting to see the platter come together, make some final touches to complete.

How beautiful is this platter! the colours and textures are just stunning and looks too good to eat!
Now its time to sit around with some friends pop the bubbly and have some drinks and enjoy the afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as I did making and eating it!





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